Gino's passion for music started at a young age.  His fifth chorus teacher, Mr. Richard Workman, approached Gino and his parents after a concert and said, "He has a gift and really should start lessons." His parents laughed and thought, "How would he know at such a young age?".  Gino started lessons soon after and has continued singing ever since. 


In 2012, Gino began lessons with his current teacher, Daniel Teadt (danielteadt.com), a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. After Gino found out that Dan was a professor at CMU, he knew where he wanted to attend school for the next four years.

Gino is a junior studying Vocal Performance at Carnegie Mellon. He plans to obtain his Bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance, and his Master's in Arts Management and Voice. He attributes his success to his teacher, parents, family, and friends. The love and support that is shown to Gino every day is a constant reminder that music brings happiness and joy to so many people. 


He wants to thank everyone who has supported him along his journey and cannot wait to see what the future brings. 


Greater Pittsburgh Area
Uniontown Area

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